The Oxford Postgraduate Character Project

In 2014-2015 we are introducing a character project to help gifted postgraduates develop a sense of vocation, an attitude of service, and the virtues of thankfulness and humility. These traits, we believe, are essential for effective, beneficial leadership and, therefore, of particular importance for individuals who may be expected to progress to positions of influence and thus achieve positive impact around the world over the course of their careers.

There are three streams within the annual programme: Global Leadership, Christian Academics, and Christian Leadership. Each stream is organised around a conference, taking place once or twice per year, and a formation group of smaller numbers, recurring monthly throughout the year. 


Who are we?

The Oxford Pastorate was set up with the aim of ‘promoting true and lively faith in Christ amongst members of the University of Oxford’. Our mission is to serve the postgraduate community of Oxford University: offering the opportunity to relate their academic studies to their faith; supporting leaders in the community with mentoring and formation; and bringing different Christian groups together in cooperative outreach to the University–in service, intellectual engagement, and mission.

The Pastorate Chaplains are always available to meet with postgraduate students whatever tradition, denomination or religion they belong to, and whether or not they think of themselves as religious. You can read about the Chaplains' team and find their contact details here.

*For more information on these events, please visit our partnering organisations on the web: Developing a Christian Mind and The Trinity Forum